Fleet Freedom

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Manage your vehicles or fixed assets effectively

Fleet Freedom gives you remote access to a vehicle's current speed, engine idle state, location, address, heading, GPS odometer and geozone status. Run reports on demand and set up an automated schedule for your entire company or for a selection of vehicles. Reports can be downloaded, printed and saved right from the application.

Asset tracking

Monitor your assets for the purpose of theft prevention, inventory management and productivity. Fleet Freedom will send an instant notification when an asset leaves or arrives at a location and can also start tracking lost or stolen assets more frequently until they are recovered.

Mobile device tracking

Fleet Freedom Mobile is an easy-to-use map-based application within the Fleet Freedom solution, which uses Google™ Maps Enterprise technology. With its intuitive interface, you can quickly locate, monitor, and track mobile phones on various mobile platforms such as Android, BlackBerry, and iOS with GPS or AGPS capabilities.


  • Intuitive Web-based interface with a look and feel of a dashboard
  • Robust Google™ Maps Enterprise technology
  • Access to reports for speed data, time on site, mileage etc.
  • Run and review comprehensive reports in real-time

Whether maximizing efficiency with optimized vehicle routing, improving security with instant location-specific assets, or increasing productivity by curbing unauthorized vehicle usage, Fleet Freedom empowers your business with the information you need to effectively manage your business.

Device Staging

Deploying large numbers of smartphones and devices across your organization can be a challenge for many organizations. Often IT resources are better focused to priority activities vs device deployments. Norcom Telecom provides a full device deployment service to assist our clients with deploying large volumes of devices to their staff. With our experienced professional's onsite, we take the burden of device set-up, contact transfer, memory transfer, and application set-up.

Comprehensive Reports and Audit Trails

We'll provide you with detailed trade-in reports. Every device and outcome will be accounted for (working or broken), it's condition and functionality assessment shown, and what its trade-in value was. Reports are available on-line or through an API, for a true end-of-service audit trail to a demanding enterprise market.

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