Refunds, Exchanges, and Repairs

Your RMA Requests

Any return merchandise requests that you have placed with Norcom Telecom are stored here for your reference.

How To Return Your Product: Refunds, Exchanges or Repairs

Determine whether you should submit an RMA request or a hardware repair request

Select the type of information request you wish to make.

  1. Dead on arrival (DOA)
  2. Refund or exchange
  3. Hardware Repairs (in and out of warranty)

These instructions are only a summary and provided as a quick reference for your convenience. They are non-binding and Norcom Telecom assumes no liability for the accuracy of the information below. It is your responsibility to understand and abide by our Terms and Conditions.

Dead On Arrival (DOA)

  • Description: When a brand new phone stops working as a result of a manufacturer defect.
  • When: Within 14 days of the purchase date. Individuals with disabilities may qualify for up to 30 days
  • Limitations: If you have gone above 30 minutes of talk time, or used over 50 megabytes of data, you should NOT request a return or exchange. Instead you should fill out a hardware repair request.

Refunds and Exchanges

If your phone falls into one of the following situations, you may qualify for a return or exchange.

Situation Hardware Rate Plan
0-14 days, less than 30 minutes (phones, Smartphones, Turbo Hubs, etc.), all hardware and packaging must be intact. Mobile Internet Devices / Data Devices (without limitation, including Tablets, Turbo Sticks, Wireless Modems and Turbo Hub)with data usage not exceeding 50 megabytes. Full Refund ($25 administration fee will apply) Cancellation will take effect immediately at the customer's request (unless a different date is requested).
Over 14 days and / or 30 minutes or greater and/or data usage exceeding 50 megabytes (Mobile Internet Devices). Special consideration exists for clients with special needs or requirements. Please contact us for details. No Refund Full Cancellation Fees Apply†
SIM cards are final sale.

† Includes Early Termination Charges if canceling your service agreement.

Limitations for Returns and Exchanges

  • Shipping Fees are final sale and are non refundable.
  • SIM cards are final sale. If returning a device that came with a SIM card, you are responsible for purchasing a new one to go with the returned device.
  • iPhones returned under the "Buyer's Remorse" process will be subject to a $43.60 "refresh" fee (plus applicable taxes).
  • Due to hygienic reasons, all Earpiece and/or Headsets are Final Sale.
  • Clearance Items / Products are final Sale.
  • Accessories will be considered for return within 14 days of Invoice Purchase Date, provided the item is un-used, and complete in original packaging.
  • Cellular phones will be considered for return and full refund within 14 days of Invoice Purchase Date, provided the phone and all packaging is intact and complete. Please be advised that you are still bound by your service agreement and will be required to pay any Early Termination Charges on the agreement if you choose to end it prematurely by canceling the service agreement.

Submit Your RMA Request

It appears there are no orders on your account that qualify for a return or exchange. It may be past the return period.

If your device is not functioning properly, you can submit a hardware repair request below.

Hardware Repairs (In And Out Of Warranty)

If your device is not working properly, and it does not satisfy the requirements for a refund or exchange above, please submit a hardware repair request.

If it has been less than 14 days, and your device is not functioning due to a manufacturer defect, it may be considered DOA. If this is the case, submit the RMA Request above. If your order does not appear above, please contact us.

Hardware Repair